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FundsFix Sample Report

This simple Funds Balance Sheet illustrates several features of FundsFix.

  1. Familar QuickBooks like report format.
  2. The use of sub-Funds. In this report, the main Funds are: General Funds, Restricted Funds, and Temp Restricted.
  3. Each Fund and sub-Fund is in a separate column with subtotal columns for the main Funds.
  4. The Restricted Funds are segregated into a separate Savings account with a sub-bank account for each sub-fund.
  5. The Temp Restricted and General Funds are combined in the Checking account so FundsFix has generated Due From/(To) entries to balance the Funds.
  6. FundsFix has generated Due From/(To) entries to allocate earnings to each Fund.

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The sample report is in PDF format. To view the report, you need to have Adobe Reader installed. Click below to download Adobe Reader.

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