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QFix Software LLC  Fund Accounting Software
For use with QuickBooks®

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Fund Accounting for Small Organizations

How QFix Software Integrates with QuickBooks

QFix Software products are tightly coupled with QuickBooks. Our software is accessed via the QuickBooks menu system. There is no need to switch back and forth between QuickBooks and an external program. Although our software runs independently of QuickBooks it feels like an integral part of QuickBooks.

Another important feature is our data integration with QuickBooks. When possible, we use the existing QuickBooks data. When enhanced data items are added they are stored in the QuickBooks file so that data coordination is maintained. As a result, when you back up a QuickBooks file you are also backing up the QFix Software product data. Our data is synchronized with QuickBooks and there is no duplication. (Attachment files are stored separately.)

Cloud Hosting

We partner with www.novelaspect.com for web based hosting of our products to provide a full-featured alternative to QuickBooks Online.


Sensible Donor Management

QFix Software LLC  Donor Management Software
For use with QuickBooks®

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Donor Management for Small Organizations

How the Competition Does It

There are many software packages that tout integration with QuickBooks. Most are loosely coupled. They maintain their data separately and periodically post transactions to QuickBooks. As a result, data is often duplicated and not properly coordinated between the two. The following examples illustrate the issues.

Data is entered into an external software package and then cross posted to QuickBooks. Later a data entry error is discovered such as when reconciling a bank account. It is very easy to overlook correcting the error in both QuickBooks and the original software package resulting in a discrepancy between two sources.

A problem can also occur when backing up and restoring the QuickBooks file or the external software package’s file. Unless one is very vigilant about backup and restore procedures for both files the data may not be synchronized.