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For use with QuickBooks®

Effective Fundraising

A key part of fundraising is valuing and understanding supporters. While growing a contributor base is important, current donors are the financial foundation of the organization. Simple things like reminders for membership expiration and informative newsletter communications help keep donors engaged and committed to the organization.

Volunteers are also a key part of any organization. Not only do they provide no cost labor but they are important contributors, organization advocates, and recruiters for new members.

Donors, volunteers, and prospects are all important constituents of your organization. Accurately tracking contact information for these parties is vital. Some of them may have seasonal addresses which need to be noted when doing mailings. As contact data grows, duplicates are inevitable. Having good tools to find and merge these duplicates is paramount. It also is helpful to track employment and family relationships to further understand your donors.

Soft Donation Accounting

A soft donation refers to a donation given in the name of someone else. The most common example is when an employer gives a matching donation in the name of an employee. Many organizations choose to treat the donation as though it came from both parties – each is given donation credit. Recording both donations and keeping the books in balance presents an accounting challenge.

We recommend you set up offsetting accounts that allows DonorsFix to attribute donations to both parties while keeping your accounts in balance.

QuickBooks Donor Management & Fundraising

Smaller organizations often choose QuickBooks as their accounting software, and, while it will account for donations, it does not handle memberships, events, volunteers, and other aspects of donor management. As a result, organizations will choose to add a donor management package. These packages are often expensive and duplicate the accounting functions of QuickBooks.

DonorsFix takes a different approach. Rather than duplicating what is already in QuickBooks, DonorsFix adds key functions and data to make QuickBooks a practical solution for donor management.

Extended customer information

Multiple membership types with levels and expiration dates

Multiple annual or single events with levels

Seasonal alternate addresses with effective dates

Track family and inter-customer relationships

Document group membership like committees or classes

Track activities such as volunteers or attendance

Add attachments like pictures or other documents

Membership and Event Tracking

Track pledges, prospects and soft donations

Multiple membership types with auto expiration calculation

Supports fixed or rolling start dates

Calculates donation or duration based membership levels

Annual or onetime events with donation levels

Reports with QuickBooks and extended data

Reports, mailing labels, merge data, or export to Excel

Live report fields permits direct editing data

Activity by date columns for easy updating

User defined fields, layout, and appearance

QuickBooks custom fields with filtering

Sort and filter QuickBooks and extended data

Count and total QuickBooks and extended data

Sophisticated duplicate donor search

Side by side comparison of possible duplicates

Merge duplicate donor records

Correct donor data during search

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DonorsFix Requirements

U.S. QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2009 or Enterprise 9.0 or later versions. Or, Canadian QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2009 or later versions.

Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/10

Additional 10MB free disk space

Microsoft .NET 3.5 (Automatically installed if needed - requires 150MB disk space)

Reports/data entry may be run in QuickBooks multi-user mode. Setup/Duplicate Search requires single user.

Optional Internet connection.